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Web Software: The Holliman Chronicles is built using the WordPress personal publishing platform and the following:

In addition, I’m using Gallery 2 for the photo gallery associated with the Holliman Chronicles. All the photos on this site are in the photo albums here — and more!


  1. Nikon D70s. I purchassed this camera in November 2005 (early Christmas) and I love it! I only wish I had loosened my purse strings earlier.
  2. Fujifilm 2800

In general, I don’t do a lot of post-processing of my photos and what post-processing I do btoher with is generally limited to re-sizing and cropping. The exception to this are important photos — like the family Christmas Photo — where I can spend a fair amount of time on a single photo to get it just right. When I do bother with post-processing, I use Photo Studio 2000 that I picked up free somewhere (an older camera I purchased?) and Nikon’s PictureProject.

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Prior to the December 2005 transition to its current form, the Holliman Family Website lookied like this.

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